Using blogs for English learning

This is the first time that I have tried to make a presentation using an ipad. The app I am using is moodboard lite, which is amazing. Thank Ruby for taking us on this fantastic tour of online learning.















An interesting blog about teaching with picture books

I am currently taking an optional course called teaching texts across borders-from picture books to teenage fiction and film, which is interesting yet challenging. Children’ literature has long been marginalized in language teaching due to some political and social reasons, and it is only till recent decades that more scholars and  language practitioners  begin to engage in the teaching of children’s books.


The blog I have put here        is an amazing one.   The layout is concise and clear;the ‘labels’ at the side bar are of particular help in forwarding you directly to what you need. What fascinates me most is the rich resources and practical tips for teaching picture books in  the classroom. If you find picture books interesting and are developing ideas for using them for teaching purposes,  I am sure this is what you are looking for.

Hi , there

My name is Yijie Wang , and I am currently studying TESOL in the University of Edinburgh.

Being thousands of miles away from my homeland ,China, I have to say life here is not easy especially when my friends send me pictures of they having my favorite food!

(watering mouth)

But choosing to study  in the UK has been the best decision I have ever made. Every  day here is worth memorizing. It feels so great to experience different culture , get to know more good friends, enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful sceneries and build up my knowledge on language teaching and learning. 

Now I am typing in and sharing feelings with the world, and you know what , it also feels great! Since I have my own blog now, I will be able to exchange my ideas and undersatnding about language learing with others, and I believe everyone involved could benefit from this process.

So excited!


Some Useful Websites for English Learning



No matter you are teacher who is looking for authentic English learning material or a     student who desperately needs to get higher marks in the coming English exam, you will always find what you need here. There are plentiful useful resources that are ideal for listening,speaking, reading and writing for learners at all levels. All the material here is provided by native speakers and could accomodate different needs.



This website is ideal for those who need to improve their speaking while lacking a favorable English-speaking environment. All you need to do is to creat an account and start talking with the native speakers.



This website will provide you with the latest and the most authentic English reading material. Build up a good English learning habit by starting reading in this website.